How to Contribute and Be Useful to Society

contribute-and-be-useful-to-societyApart from doing office and house work, do you get a feeling that what you’ve done is not yet enough and want to contribute even more? Well, if that is the case, then perhaps it’s time for you to extend your help to society.

Being a part of society’s workforce is a great achievement because you can proudly say that you’re responsible for making certain things possible. This is something that you can say that you have achieved something significant in life. So if you want to be part of something big then be part of a worldwide society right away! Here are ways on how you can be useful and make a contribution to society:

If you get a feeling that you are totally useless, then this usually roots from a deep psychological mechanism. By being useful, it doesn’t entirely stop the feeling that you are useless. In addition to that, not making a contribution to society can even amplify those negative feelings.

When referring to human productivity, it means that you are doing one good and then turn it into another kind of good. To discuss it simply, it means that you have to create an input in order to have an output. Take anything then move it into a useful place and mix it with other materials so that you can make something better out of it. There is no such thing as a useful input just as long as you know how to mix it up. You can experiment with a lot of things for input so don’t be afraid to explore and utilize every resource that is available to you.

Before you perform any action, you must make sure to pre-analyze it to see if it can have some negative effects on anyone. Of course, this is most applicable to negative actions but positive actions can also reap great results as well.

The feelings that you project can be infectious. Be nice and friendly to the people around you just by smiling and being polite to them. Avoid suppressing negative feelings inside you because it will eventually show then other people will take notice of it. Always be positive about the way you feel so that it will affect other people with your goodness too.

Give more than you receive. If ever you received kindness from others, you should make up for it by spreading it to others as well. This will be considered as a selfless act and it will soon project a positive feeling within you.

Direct intervention is both over and undervalued. When you’ve got an opportunity to create a direct intervention then grab it and finish it off with a smile.

If there is blood shortage in your community, then surgeons will usually give off less blood to patients and may even replace it with interior products. To prevent that from happening, you should donate blood often. You may have a band-aid on your arm after the donation, but it will surely show that you’ve done a selfless act.