What Is a Monocultural Society?

monocultural-societyA monocultural society is sometimes a bit difficult to identify especially for the uninitiated. It may confuse some people, and some even don’t know that they are living in a society that practices it.

So what is a monocultural society? Well, the common answer to that is by observing common traits which include a belief structure, common heritage, language, and a mono-racial identity. Since the world we live in is globalized, a majority of our society is multi-cultural. But if you are keen enough in looking out for the traits, you will notice that there are still some societies that practice it. If you want to know what these traits are then, you should check out this information below.

Common Heritage – A society’s historical heritage could be based on a perception that the food, nations, attitudes, language, religious beliefs, and racial features are key elements of the identity of a nation.

A shared belief structure – In a country, a majority of the citizens usually have a shared belief structure wherein it is based off on the heritage of a nation. These beliefs from the psyche and national identity, which creates stronger bonds of society, but it eventually detracts a nation which missed its opportunity of becoming a multi-cultural ethnic society.

An inward looking psyche – If you look closely in a nation’s culture, you can see that a lot of monocultural societies tend to look inwards instead of outwards. News and television programs usually center in on the local issues and its cultures are always featured heavily. The more it ignores the happenings in an outside world, the more you will see that it is always looking inwards.

A suspicion of foreigners – A monocultural society usually has a suspicion towards foreigners and they are not open with their beliefs. This kind of mindset will eventually lead to hold multicultural partnerships. It can also create some sort of a ghetto mentality wherein it can separate other cultures only in the areas where they can live.

Common religious views – There are some cultures that disregard religion while there are also those that consider it as part of their ethnic or national identity.

Tribalism – When citizens of a healthy multi-cultural society lives outside their own culture, they tend to become more tribal. Marriage with other cultures is unacceptable plus the food and workplace can also show that it is more tribal. The influence of other societies is lessened because of this cultural bond and between others who like to share it.

Buying goods – A mono-cultural society is very supportive of their own products instead of buying those that came from other nations. They take pride in the achievement of the economy that their establishments manufactured and they would normally encourage buying local produce instead of those coming from the outside. This could be beneficial when there’s a recession, but if the economy is growing, it may hinder any choice that their customers have.